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Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

The primary purpose of the Zeta Mu chapter of Sigma Kappa is to foster an environment in which our members have the ability to create lifelong friendships, strengthen their college experience, and develop their own selves in preparation for life after college. We hope to emanate these values in each of the experiences of our members during their time as a collegiate member of Sigma Kappa, and even beyond such. 

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers, if you have any additional questions, please contact our chapter president, Natalie Palmberg, at

What is the time commitment like?

Upon receiving a bid to join the Zeta Mu chapter of Sigma Kappa, there are certain commitments and requirements that accompany such. However, the large majority of each member's experience within the chapter is directly correlated to amount of time and effort they put in to their sorority experience. 

Each member is required to attend weekly chapter meetings as well as a select few other mandatory events that are dictated each quarter. Some events, for instance, are Founders' Day, Polish Week and Recruitment, Bid Day, Sisterhood Retreat, our annual philanthropy, Sigma Kappa's Best Dance Crew, and many others. Each of these events are meant to bring the chapter together and create an enjoyable time where our members can bond and further strengthen our chapter as a whole.

Beyond these events, there are many other events that are optional. These include various Sisterhoods, Philanthropies and Service Events, Study Hours, ISS Sports, and so many others! Additionally, members who choose to hold a leadership role, like an Executive Board or Chair position, further dedicate their time to the chapter by attending various meetings and ensuring that all of the requirements for their position are met and completed.

Zeta Mu encourages its members to actively participate in as many ways as possible as we strongly believe that through such, one can have the best possible experience as a collegiate member. We hope to showcase some of our events as well as our strong presence and involvement both within the chapter and beyond throughout the website. For further insight, please check out our various Events tabs as well as our social media accounts!

Is there an academic requirement?

Zeta Mu is very dedicated to ensuring that our members thrive in all aspects of their collegiate life. We do require each member to maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA in order to remain in good academic standing. Additionally, our Executive Board and Chair positions are required to maintain a 2.7 cumulative GPA in order to continue to hold their position and remain in good academic standing.

However, if a member falls below the minimum required GPA, there are various measures that are enacted to ensure that this does not become an ongoing issues. Each member not in good academic standing will be provided with an Academic Assistance Plan where she will personally be in contact with out Vice President of Academic Excellence.

The Zeta Mu chapter encourages high scholarship and strives to develop an atmosphere that will achieve this goal Our members provide personal assistance and motivation to their friends and sisters by studying together, tutoring other members, and acting as a support system for the many stresses associated with attending an academically challenging university. Additionally, our Vice President of Academic Excellence holds workshops to help members achieve academic excellence as well as hosting Study Hours both with the chapter and with other Sororities and Fraternities.

What are the financial responsibilities?

Each quarter, our members are required to pay a specific amount in dues that go entirely towards financing the Zeta Mu chapter. This includes the events we organize and host, the budgets for each of the Executive Board and chair members, and many other aspects that allow our chapter to fully function as an organization.

Sigma Kappa is a non-profit organization, thus, it relies on the national fees from its members in order to finance the budget needed for annual operation. Thus, in the Fall and Spring Quarters, members must also pay the additional national dues.

As a chapter, we understand the importance and concern for one's finances. Upon joining the chapter, each member receives a detailed breakdown of her financial responsibilities both as a new member and, eventually, as a member. This breakdown additionally details the budget of our chapter and how our funds are allocated to such. Our Vice President of Finance is willing to work with each of our members in order to establish a payment plan that works best for both Zeta Mu, as a chapter, as well as our individual members. For further questions or information, please contact our Vice President of Finance, Nikki Grewal, at

How can parents get involved?

As a chapter, we invite the parents of our members to attend our annual Parents' Day celebration! It is hosted every year during Spring Quarter. Additionally, parents are invited to attend our annual Ultraviolet event in the Winter, Sigma Kappa's Best Dance Crew, to be there in support of their daughters as we gather to raise money and awareness for the specific causes that are so important to us as a chapter!

Our calendar is subject to change, thus, we will notify your daughter of any upcoming events ahead of time. However, feel free to check out our Events page to get an idea of some of the events we host as well as any upcoming events!