Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Kelly Gonzales


As President, it is my job to ensure that our chapter is as successful as possible! I work closely with our entire executive council to ensure they are getting the support they need to meet their goals. I also preside over weekly executive council meetings and chapter meetings, while acting as the main liaison between our chapter, UCSD, Panhellenic Council, and National Headquarters. My favorite Sigma Kappa memory definitely has to be planning our 2017 Bid Day while serving as VP New Member Education. Seeing the strength of our sisterhood post-recruitment and the excitement of our new members running to us after opening their bids reminded me how truly lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing organization.

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  • Major: Human Development and Psychology (Health)
  • Hometown: Patterson, CA
  • Year Joined Sigma Kappa: First
  • Hobbies: Exploring San Diego, spending time with my SK family, brunching, taking naps, and crafting!!

Mikaela Fahrni

Executive Vice President

As the Executive Vice President, my job is to ensure that everyone in the chapter is safe while having fun and living up to the values and standards that we have set forth as a chapter. I am in charge of Risk Management, our Standards Council, and if the President is every in need of assistance, I am trained to be able to do everything our President does. Outside of Sigma Kappa, I work for the Nano3 Cleanroom on campus as a lab assistant and equipment trainer. I am also a member of the Nanoengineering and Technology Society and the Society for Women Engineers. I would have to say that my favorite Sigma Kappa memory thus far was attending our 40th Anniversary Celebration. I got to meet women from the past 40 years, talk about how things have changed and how Sigma Kappa impacted their lives, dance with them to music from all different generations, and eat the cutest little desserts, all while getting some fantastic photos out on a yacht on the ocean. But honestly, almost any time with my sisters is my favorite time.

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  • Major: Nanoengineering (Chemical Engineering)
  • Hometown: Fresno, CA
  • Year Joined Sigma Kappa: First
  • Hobbies: Playing with my dogs, eating, Netflix-ing, and hanging with friends and family

Angelica Macario

Vice President of New Member Education

My role as VPNME is to be a source of guidance for New Members, and show them what it means to be a Sigma Kappa from our chapter’s values to our philanthropic efforts. I also ensure that New Members are integrating into the chapter well by working to match Big Sister and Little Sister pairs! My favorite Sigma Kappa memory was going through recruitment as a member because our chapter morale was super high, and it felt great to be so cohesive as a chapter, which showed on Bid Day when we got to welcome so many amazing women into our chapter!

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  • Major: Physiology and Neuroscience
  • Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
  • Year Joined Sigma Kappa: First
  • Hobbies: Hugging dogs, watching The Office, hiking, window shopping, and cooking

Brenna Yob

Vice President of Membership

I am responsible for the chapter’s membership through formal and/or informal recruitment. I educate and guide the chapter in recruitment techniques, procedures, planned membership growth, as well as Panhellenic recruitment rules.

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  • Major: Psychology, Business Minor
  • Hometown: El Segundo, CA
  • Year Joined Sigma Kappa: First
  • Hobbies: Concerts, shopping, eating, going on hikes & exercising/yoga, watching Tasty videos on Facebook, playing with my dogs

Chloe Hill

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

As VPAR I am responsible for maintaining positive relationship with the Alumni. This means planning events with Alumni and collegiate members, sending the Alumni a regular newsletter, and helping the seniors transition to Alumni status. My favorite memory thus far has been Winter Bid day. Seeing the difference between my Bid day, where I was just learning everyone’s names, to our most recent Bid day, where I enjoyed the beach with all of my sisters, made me realize just how far I had come in the chapter. I am so thankful for all of the friendships I have made through Sigma Kappa and Bid day made me feel extra appreciative!

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  • Major: Marine Biology
  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Year Joined Sigma Kappa: Second
  • Hobbies: Hiking, scuba diving and snorkeling, going to concerts

Elizabeth Paz Cabral

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

Yasmin Vahabzadeh

Panhellenic Delegate

As Panhellenic Delegate, I basically act as liaison between our sorority and the Panhellenic Executive Council for UCSD. I attend weekly meetings to work with Panhellenic and other chapter delegates to educate the chapter on the happenings of the Panhellenic Council and encourage positive sorority relations. I love volunteering, I spent last summer in South Africa volunteering at a local orphanage and teaching English to kids. My favorite memory would be Big Little Reveal Day! I was so happy when my Big was revealed and coming in as a Transfer student, she really helped me adjust to a new school.

  • Email:
  • Major: International Business
  • Hometown: San Ramon, CA
  • Year Joined Sigma Kappa: Third
  • Hobbies: Working out, hiking, watching basketball, traveling, and eating good food!

Ria Thompson

Vice President of Programming

My position includes all the workshop planning in meetings and retreats as well as organizing all our committees.

  • Major: Cognitive Science
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Year Joined Sigma Kappa: Second
  • Hobbies: Yoga, hiking, cooking, reading!!!! bein happy!!!! livin life!!! the outdoors!!! boy is it good to be alive

Melissa Tran

Vice President of Finance

As VPF, I manage all things money related and am constantly keeping track of all funds coming in and going out. I am always in contact with all members of the chapter to make sure paying goes smoothly for them, National Headquarters to ensure timely payment for chapter fees, and all advisors, officers, and vendors for payments of Sigma Kappa events. I’m also involved in UCSD Competitive Club Tennis, Undergraduate Investment Society, Triton Finance Association, and also have a job at the Business Office for the Moores Cancer Center. My favorite memory would have to be my first bid day as an initiated member! Recruitment went the total opposite of what I expected it to be, and I was so excited to see all the girls that I talked to during recruitment join Sigma Kappa, especially the ones I talked to on preference night. It was super rewarding to see how excited and happy they were to join a chapter that I was in, and made me super proud of the work we put into recruitment and just proud in general of our chapter.

  • Email:
  • Major: International Business, Minor Accounting
  • Hometown: Atherton, CA
  • Year Joined to Sigma Kappa: First
  • Hobbies: Rock climbing, tennis, cooking and eating, literally anything outdoorsy or adventurous