Sigma Kappa

Bid Day

Bid Day

Fall 2018, Winter 2019, and Fall 2019

Our chapter had so much fun welcoming our Fall 2018 New Member Class and Winter 2019 New Member Class! We kicked off Fall 2018's Sigma Kappa experience in true retro fashion by celebrating Bid Day at a local roller rink. Our sisters had so much fun bonding with each other while eating In-N-Out, rollerblading to 70s music, and taking tons of pictures!

Zeta Mu additionally participated in informal recruitment this past Winter Quarter. To welcome our Winter 2019 New Member class, our Vice President of New Member Education, Chloe Hill, planned a Winter Wonderland themed Bid Day! Our girls had so much fun meeting our new members, taking more pictures, playing games, and celebrating as our chapter as a whole!

Most recently, Zeta Mu welcomed home our Fall 2019 New Member Class! Our chapter welcomed home 36 new members and we are so excited to watch them grow over the course of their new member period and, eventually, as a member of Zeta Mu. Our girls went all out to celebrate Bid Day, embracing lots of glitter, shades of pink, and feathers boas. After welcoming our girls and taking pictures, we celebrated the conclusion of Formal Recruitment and Bid Day by going to a Bowling Alley in Downtown San Diego. Our chapter had so much fun meeting and bonding with our New Member Class and we are so excited to see what Sigma Kappa has in store for them!

Click on the link below to see some of the memories we captured!

Make sure to watch our Bid Day videos from Fall 2017 and Fall 2018 as well.